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Introduction Of High Power 200w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight

Publicerat klockan 02:11, den 17 januari 2020

The high power 200w outdoor slim led floodlight, I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar, with the country's vigorous promotion of the construction of new energy projects, high power 200w outdoor slim led floodlight has become more and more popular, because it has many advantages , So it has become the first choice for many lighting projects, so what is his future development trend?

high power 200w outdoor slim led floodlight is a new type of street light, it is green and pollution-free, and it does not consume heat river energy, and absorbs solar energy to convert it into electricity. Not only does it require no pits and buried lines during installation, and it is basically maintenance-free , So high power 200w outdoor slim led floodlight is more and more popular.

400w outdoor slim led floodlight is a one-time investment. Although the initial cost is higher than the commercial power, he does not need to spend more manpower and material resources in the later period, and the taste is quite high. It is a new type of street light product and green energy. It can improve the green image of a place, and thus enhance the grade of a place.


In summary, the market for 400w outdoor slim led floodlight will become more and more popular, the technology will become more and more mature, and its cost will decrease accordingly. Therefore, we will see more and more 400w outdoor slim in the future. led floodlight!

Judgment Factors Of Led Flood Light Factory Life

Publicerat klockan 02:26, den 10 januari 2020

The life of LED floodlights depends on the life of LED lamps. Today's professional Led Flood Light Factory - Xiangruilight takes you to understand how to detect the life of LED flood light.
    The first is to see if the protection level of the cavity protecting the LED lamp beads is high enough; whether the chip junction temperature is within the designed safe range and the quality of the LED lamp beads used. As for the power supply, it depends on whether there is enough margin left in its design to ensure a life of more than 50,000 hours.
    Of course, the authenticity can also be comprehensively judged through the national-level testing agency or recognized test report provided by the enterprise, the proof of selection of key components, the theoretical basis of the life of the LED flood light and related data, and the credibility of the enterprise. Among them, the LM80 report of LED lamp beads and the authoritative lamp temperature (including pin) report can be calculated based on the values ​​in it. At present, good quality lamps can achieve 2000H no light attenuation, 4000H <1%, 6000H <3%, 8000H <5%.
    You can also judge the life of the LED flood light by the light decay curve of the LED flood light. Under actual outdoor lighting conditions, the light decay of different LED flood lights does not show regularity. Different types of lamps have light decay curves. difference. Simply predicting the life of the luminaire with the change of the light decay curve, the reliability and confidence rate are low. In addition, the design of the sealing structure of the lamp, the selection of the sealing material, and the selection of the optical protection material will directly affect the reliability and light attenuation of the lamp. Although the power supply is the most easily damaged part of the luminaire, the reliability of the LED floodlight luminaire can be greatly improved through the reasonable design of the power supply cavity temperature and the addition of lightning and anti-surge protectors.

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Light Sources Advantages Of UFO LED High Bay Lights

Publicerat klockan 03:16, den 4 januari 2020

    1. High luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, and low operating temperature.

2. UFO LED High Bay Lights' LED light source is safe and reliable.

3. Fast response speed, small unit volume, and environmental protection.

4. At the same brightness, the power consumption is one-tenth that of incandescent lamps, one-third of fluorescent lamps, but the life expectancy is 50 times that of incandescent lamps and 20 times that of fluorescent lamps. Fourth-generation lighting products.

5. The advent of a single high-power super-brightness LED makes it possible for the LED application field to cross the high-efficiency lighting source market.

In industrial lighting, there are often three problems:

The lighting environment is stroboscopic, causing visual fatigue and dizziness. How to prevent visual blurs or poor work efficiency caused by light sources?

How to reduce costs of the face of high-consumption lighting products?

How to prevent the loss of downtime caused by light source failure of difficult maintenance places such as high-rise factory buildings?


In the field of industrial lighting, the lighting problem directly affects work efficiency and collective interests. Now the development of light source technology is changing into each passing day, and now it has developed to the fourth generation of green light sources represented by induction lamps and LED lamps. What value does the "electrodeless lamp", the pioneer of green light source for industrial lighting, really brings? Maybe everyone wants to know!

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